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TF "Faceclaims" aka holoforms/humanforms- TF:A Prowl

You know how I'm allways doing "faceclaims", right? picking celebrities for either TF holoforms or tfs as human. Well, I've got another one.
I spent a couple hours looking for someone to imagine TFA Prowl as, either in his holoform or... whatever. Yeah. Well, believe it or not, this is the cutest guy in the proper age range I could find. Though I'm slightly embarassed to say he's not completely cute. Just... sorta.

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and a totally cheesecakey near-nude piccy. Hummm!Collapse )
Just thought I'd share. :-)

If you see this on the comms, you're not seeing double
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Fic: The Moth and the Spider NC-17

Title: The Moth and the Spider
Pairing: Prowl/Lockdown; slight Bumblebee/Lockdown; mentioned Prowl/others
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, anal, bondage, crack!, D/s, dubious consent, frot, handjob, mild violence, MPREG, oral, PWP, rimming, slash, sticky
Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I make no profit from this.
A/N: Based on a weird dream I had where Cybertronians resembled bugs.

Wachey did some cute muro drawings that can be viewed here. Just scroll down the comments.

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Captive to a Nightmare 11/?

Title: Captive to a Nightmare 11/?
Pairing: Lockdown/Prowl; slight Prowl/Oil Slick
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: anal, angst, death (not main characters), frot, gore, handjob, slash, sticky, violence
Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I make no profit from this.
A/N: Megacycle-1 hour, orbital cycle=1 day, and stellar cycle=1 year.

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Question cat has a question

I was wondering if this sort of thing is allowed;
I had a dream of Prowl and Lockdown being humanized, with Prowl magically having a *OMFG* vagina. I was wondering if I could write a fanfic about it and post it here?
I mean, the only thing preventing me is that this community is about man/man love, not hermaphrodite/man, so... What do you think? Prowl would be his usual ass- kicking ninja, with the exception of having a coochie.

And also, I am writing a list (if you know me that well, you prolly know that I have a thing for long pointless lists) of the usual themes in ProwlxLockdown fics. It may sound a bit slanderous, but it is just for the lulz.

1: Lockdown always calls Prowl "darlin'". The apostrophe is always important!
2: Prowl may be the dominant party occassionally, but he never penetrates.
3: Prowl always forgives Lockdown for doing something as horrible as offlining his sensei Yoketron.
4: If the fic is about them being ordinary humans, Prowl is always a prissy virgin.
5: Lockdown uses Southern slang words like "ain't".

Help me add more details to the list, and also tell me what you think about the fic idea. And feel free to kick my ass for writing such a pointless entry to this awesome comm ^____^;;;
bots in disguises

hi *peeks head in*

if this isn't allowed, please feel free to take it down, and i apologise. I just wanted to say that after what happenned with tfwip_4_chan, if anyone wants to post their fiction over at transkink_365 , it's been completely redone, and any/all kink/smut/whatever fiction is welcomed there.
hope to see you over there.